Steve Gosling talks Travelling Light


Steve Gosling -” Travelling Light”

The Photography Show Talk: Saturday 19th March 2-2.45pm

The talk is entitled ‘Travelling Light’ and has two elements: –

Firstly, I’ve watched the growing popularity of mirrorless cameras with interest for I traded in my DSLRs quite a few years ago for an Olympus OMD based system. I was an early adopter – the reduction in size and weight brought considerable benefits.

Steve Gosling Montage

But I was converted to the pleasures of mirrorless cameras before I acquired my first Olympus OMD for I have been using the ultimate mirrorless camera – the Alpa TC coupled with a Phase One digital  back – for 5 years. I will begin my talk by describing why I love this combination so much for the work I do and the benefits they bring to my style of working.

Secondly, the majority of my talk will focus on the motivations, thoughts and   ideas behind some of my images to give an insight to my philosophy and approach to landscape photography.

My talk will last for 45 minutes and within that I will allow time for a question and answer session.