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Lee Filters 100mm ProGlass IRND Filters

Lee Filters Pro Glass IRND Filters

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These filters are truly neutral. As a result, colour casts are a problem of the past, and because they block both ultraviolet and infrared pollution, images are crisp, punchy and above all, accurate. Manufactures from 2 mm thick glass, the new ProGlass filters are available in 0.6ND (two-stop), 0.9ND (three-stop), 1.2ND (four-stop), 1.8ND(six-stop), 3ND(10-stop) and 4.5ND(15-stop) versions, covering photographers' every need from subtle alterations, right up to ultra-long expo9sures.
Lee Filters ProGlass IRND 100mm
From £150.00