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Andy Earl on “A Location Journey with Light”

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Andy Earl – “A Location Journey with Light”

The Photography Show Talk: Monday 21st March 11-11.45am

What excites me about photography is taking a pictures that make the hairs on theback of my neck stand up! This is my goal, and through my talk on the linhofstudio stand, I’m going to try and show you how to get there !

Starting from how an idea that develops and changes through a session, to messing around with lighting and pushing yourself visually to end up with something that’s better than you expected.

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Steve Gosling talks Travelling Light

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Steve Gosling -” Travelling Light”

The Photography Show Talk: Saturday 19th March 2-2.45pm

The talk is entitled ‘Travelling Light’ and has two elements: –

Firstly, I’ve watched the growing popularity of mirrorless cameras with interest for I traded in my DSLRs quite a few years ago for an Olympus OMD based system. I was an early adopter – the reduction in size and weight brought considerable benefits.

Steve Gosling Montage

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David Higgs talks “The Analogue Darkroom in the Digital World”

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David Higgs – “The Analogue Darkroom in the Digital World”

The Photgraphy Show Talk:  Saturday 12 – 12.45pm, Sunday  11 – 11.45am


There is a resurgence in the ‘dark arts’. This renaissance in the use of the ‘Alternative Processes’ is fuelled by advances in digital printing technology.

I’m going to be giving a series of talks at the Photography Show on the 19th and 20th March 2016 outlining how alternative processes such as cyanotype, kallitype, argyrotype and especially Platinum printing are having their renaissance. Using a hybrid system of making contact negatives digitally and printing in the wet darkroom I’ll show how this amalgam of the new and the old can produce beautiful organic prints which will further your printing repertoire. Continue reading

Joe Cornish talks Antarctica Reflections

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Joe Cornish – “Antarctica Reflections”

The Photography Show Talk:  Saturday 3-3.45pm

Hidden from sight at the bottom of the world lies a huge continent, still largely undiscovered. Its coastal fringes are home to the occasional scientific base, and millions of penguins; but its vast interior expanses are empty, of people and most recognisable life forms. It is costly to visit, and those that do will only see a microscopic fragment of what is there. Indeed, the majority who visit Antarctica will not even reach the Antarctic Circle! Yet a journey here can be life-changing, such is the impact of the scenery and wildlife that may be encountered. I have been fortunate enough to have visited three times, and during the last trip our route took us via South Georgia as well. The best way to imagine South Georgia is to think of a chunk of the steepest and most precipitous Andean peaks partly-drowned in the middle of the Southern Ocean.

Joe Cornish Montage

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David Ward on Making Intimate & Abstracted Landscapes

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David Ward – “Making Intimate and Abstracted Landscapes”

The Photography Show Talk: Tuesday 3-3.45pm


Over the last twenty years or so I’ve concentrated on photographing details in the landscape rather than the big vista.

Shooting what Minor White called “intimate landscapes” increases the chances for making an image in two different ways; it provides both an increase in useable light and an increase in available subjects. The intimate approach helps to move the image beyond the illustrative into the abstract, leaving room for the viewer and helping to make your photos more emotive and more personal than the straightforwardly illustrative vista. Continue reading