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April Newsletter: Analogue & Shutter News

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April 2019 Newsletter: Analogue & Shutter News


In the last few years we have seen a healthy revival in analogue photography sadly at a time when analogue lenses are no longer available and we are now at the end of Copal shutter supply.
Perhaps this supply challenge is part of the analogue’s appeal today.
This newsletter highlights these options including Copal shutter supply for new lenses – servicing of shutters and new alternative items available.

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BERGGER Prestige Warm Tone Paper

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Bergger warm tone papers

Porto 2014. Copyright Aurélien LE DUC


BERGGER Prestige Warm Tone Paper 3 types of warm tone papers coated on a double-weight base (280 gsm). They deliver outstanding prints. They are able to produce both soft picture, and a hard grade picture, due to the incorporated sensitizers (blue and red sensitizers) in the emulsion. Using multigrade filters, grades from 0 to 5 can be achieved by half grade steps. It belongs to the family of chlorobromide papers, therefore, DMax is very high. Continue reading