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Silvestri Flexicam | Camera | linhof studio

Silvestri Flexicam X System

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The Silvestri Flexicam has now had a facelift to work more seamlessly with todays Mirrorless Cameras.
Now the Flexicam X , is an extremely compact and light technical camera, suitable for both outdoor and studio photography.
Weighing only 1 kilo and measuring only 180mm x 188mm x 162mm this is a perfect solution for location digital photography with movements.
New Features of the Flexicam X include:
The horizontal level has been moved from above the frame of the back to the base, freeing up useful space for housing the cameras.
- The base and support have been tapered allowing to house the Fuji GFX 100 camera vertically and horizontally.
- The bellows is currently interchangeable with magnetic fixing for quick removal.
Attachments for Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Mamiya 4.5X6 digital backs are available.
For Mirrorless and SLR cameras Fuji GFX, Sony Alpha, Canon EOS and Nikon F mount.
The Flexicam X allows the optics to get as close as possible to the focal plane. The wide Silvestri bayonet allows the use of recessed lens holder bayonets.
It accepts Silvestri circular bayonet panels and lenses in mechanical copal or Rodenstock AU Aperture only mount. The lenses require no helical focus mount.

The rear standard has 23mm of rise and 23mm of fall. This is the only movement on the rear standard therefore keeping good rigidity for digital requirements.

The front standard offers:
15 + 15 degrees of tilt with micrometric adjustments
15 + 15 degrees swing with micrometric adjustments
15mm + 15mm of side shift .
It has 90mm of extension and the correct panel for a given focal length lens can offer further extension if needed.
Made in high quality Anodized Aluminium
Dimensions H. 180mm - L. 188mm - D. 162mm
Focusing By mean of the auto-locking micrometric rail

Silvestri Flexicam Camera Body
Silvestri Flexicam Live View Adapters MFDB
From £215.00
Silvestri Flexicam Mirrorless Camera Adapters
From £305.00
Silvesri Flexicam Sliding Back Adapters
From £1040.00
Silvestri Viewer for Sliding Back
Silvestri Front Body Cap