Andy Earl on “A Location Journey with Light”

Andy Earl – “A Location Journey with Light”

The Photography Show Talk: Monday 21st March 11-11.45am

What excites me about photography is taking a pictures that make the hairs on theback of my neck stand up! This is my goal, and through my talk on the linhofstudio stand, I’m going to try and show you how to get there !

Starting from how an idea that develops and changes through a session, to messing around with lighting and pushing yourself visually to end up with something that’s better than you expected.

Andy Earl montage 2
I hope to show you through some of my work, ways to develop, your vision, tune your style, and have the confidence to experiment and be able to surprise yourself through your pictures?

I’ll be showing examples from A BC to Zucchero with a bit of, Johnny Cash, Madonna, Pink Floyd, and new artists in between.