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Rodenstock X Shutter lenses

HR DIGARON W in X Shutter

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The X shutter offers for customers with the Phase One IQ4 Infinity Platform an option for a leaf shutter rather than only the EL shutter in the digital back. Until now – the X shutter has only been integrated in the Phase One XT camera system but the shutter can now be retrofitted to Rodenstock and some Schneider lenses – by Cambo - for use with alternative platforms such as Linhof & Alpa for example.
HR Digaron W 4.0 / 32 mm X SHUTTER
HR Digaron W 4.0 / 40 mm X SHUTTER
HR Digaron W 4.0 / 50 mm X SHUTTER
HR Digaron W 4.0 / 70 mm X SHUTTER
Rodenstock Lenses Retrofit to X Shutter only
Rodenstock HR Lenses retrofit to X Shutter Only
From £3525.00