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Silvestri BiCam | Cameras | linhof studio

Silvestri BiCam II & III SYSTEM

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BiCam: The Pancake Solution
For wide angle solution choose the simple 0.8kg body and add your lens in Helical mount.
Your existing lenses ( subject to compatibility can be matched to the body )
On the rear – add a Direct adapter for live focus – a sliding back for stitching ability or a film back for a more traditional approach.
When Silvestri mount your lens in the Helical mount it is matched to the serial number of the camera body and the serial number of the sliding back. These measurements are kept making further lens purchases in the future a simple case of supplying your camera and back serial numbers.

BiCam: The Sohisticated Swing Tilt solution
Whilst quite long lenses can still be mounted in a Helical mount – often we want to have the ability for swing or tilt control on all but the widest lenses. This is particularily true with digital when we are not working with lenses with the luxury of f22 as their optimum working aperture.
By adding onto the BiCam the ‘front half’ of the Flexicam we now have a camera body with its own focusing system negating the need for Helical mount lenses where not required and also providing cross swing and tilt on the front standard.

Truly two versatile cameras in one.

And now the Bi Cam III
Bicam III offers a new horizontal 15+15mm movement performed on the camera body . Combined with the already in built 15+15 mm rise and fall of the Bi Cam you now have a truly flexible architectural tool.

Silvestri BiCam II Camera body only
Silvestri BiCam II Flexi Bellows Maxi Kit
Silvestri BiCam III Camera body only
Silvestri BiCam III Flexi Bellows Maxi Kit
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