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Hensel Power Max L Mobile Power Source

Hensel Power Max L

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More and more, professional compact flash units are also used outside the studio. In addition to the tried and tested, top-of-the-line Porty L battery generators, Hensel now offers the Power Max L, an up-to-date and reliable mobile power supply for current Hensel compact flash units. Power Max L is an up-to-date and reliable mobile power supply for current Hensel compact flash units. Small, lightweight and powerful due to its lithium battery, with a capacity of up to 440 flashes at 500 Ws per battery charge.

Suitable equipment to use with the Power Max L:

Hensel Compact Flashes
- Integra Mini 300 & Integra Mini 600- 1 to 3 units with a combined maximum of 1800Ws, the modelling light must be deactivated.
- Integra 250 Plus, Integra 500 Plus & Integra 1000 Plus- 1 to 3 units with a combined maximum of 2000Ws, the modelling light must be deactivated.
- Expert D 500 & Expert D 1000- 1 to 2 units together up to 2000Ws, Expert D units must be switched to PM mode (battery mode) to work on the Power Max L. Then they supply per device and according to the model, 100W modelling light, and the modelling light is deactivated during charging to save battery power (flash check). We recommend that you switch off the modelling light when using Expert D compact flashes to increase battery capacity.
- Speed Max- The Power Max L can support a Speed Max compact flash unit. This allows you to capture the fastest movement even on location due to the ultra- short flash duration times of up to 1/66, 600s. The modelling light must be deactivated. We recommend the use of a high quality, grounded power strip (minimum 3x 1.5mm wire cross-section) when connecting 3 units simultaneously.

Hensel Continuous Light Sources
- C-Light D- 1 to 2 units, maximum operating time with one C-Light D calculated at 40 minutes, with two simultaneously used C-Light D calculated at 20 minutes.
- C-Light 1000- A C- Light 1000 equipped with a 300W halogen lamp can be operated for 20 minutes on Power Max L with a fully charged battery.

Other Lights
The Power Max L allows you to operate many appliances with a capacity of up to 500Ws. Thus it is a ideal power source for wind machines, monitors, computers etc, that need to be used outside of a studio. Also efficient light sources like LED and FL lights can be operated with it.

Appliances from other manufactures
The Power Max L was developed exclusively for the Hensel flash and continuous light units listed above. Perfect functioning of respective units made by other manufactures cannot be guaranteed. Hensel does not accept liability for damages that could be caused by such a non-designated use. Please consult the manufacturer of such appliances prior to operating them on a Power Max L to find out of this is advisable.

All Expert D units which were delivered before before April 2013, need to receive a software upgrade. They need to be sent back to the factory, with no charge.
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