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100mm System | LEE Filters Kits

LEE 100mm Starter Kits

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Lee Filters have created kits that include a filter holder and filters. They are made up of a few essential items to get you started in landscape photography, therefore helping you to understand what effects you want to achieve and how to then progress further with your images. They include a Digital Starter Kit for digital photography and a Starter Kit aimed at analogue photography. Here are at Linhof Studio we have also created larger Lee Filters Ultimate Kits, containing all the essential Lee Filters items including Filter Holder/Foundation Kit, Wide Angle Adapter, the Big Stopper and Little Stopper, Neutral Density Graduated filters, lee filters polarisers accessories, a BW case, and more. This kit allows creativity and experiments, and advances your picture taking.
Linhofstudio is the UKs specialist of Lee Filters and works very hard to ensure the full range of Lee products are always available from stock.
Lee Filters LEE100 Landscape Kit
Lee Filters LEE100 Long Exposure Kit OFFER
Linhof Studio LEE 100mm Kits

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These are kits created by us at Linhof Studio containing all the essential LEE Filters items you will need. We have carefully selected different products from the LEE Filters range that compliment each other well and are perfect to get you started down the road of taking great photos with filters. They offer good savings and are supplied in one of our German B+W cases for great protection of all your equipment.

The Soft Version can be helpful when the landscape is less defined. Soft exposure also rebalance shadowing in the corner of the picture to even the flow of the image, and slows down water while balancing exposure in the background.

The Hard Version is helpful when you want to take a picture where the composition is made of defined lines, for example a sea scape, city scape, or simply when only part of the picture needs the exposure to be balanced.
Lee Filters Polariser Kit