Hensel Fashion & Beauty Kit with the Expert D 250 Speed

Hensel_Up_to_Speed_Post_Linhof StudioHensel Summer 2016 Offer

The Fashion and Beauty Kit – Bring yourself up to Speed with this limited offer for the Hensel Expert D 250 Speed Kit

People, fashion, and sports photographers need fast flashes: In no other area of photography does work get done as dynamically, whether inside the studio or on location. Modern cameras allow increasingly faster picture sequences with increasingly more exposures – only good  if your flash system can cope.

The Hensel Expert D 250 Speed is the up-to-date solution for such jobs: This handy compact flash unit was developed by us from scratch for fast picture series and the freezing of movement. It is the agile roadster among current compact flash units.


Effective from 1 June 2016 until 31 July 2016, we offer the Hensel Expert D 250 Speed as a very reasonably priced “Beauty & Fashion Kit“ together with an Octabox 90 (including Speedring) and a transport bag. Demanding photographers can now obtain a practical combination for first-class, dynamic pictures.
Order YOUR kit today and get up to speed!

The kit is made up of a Hensel Expert D 250 Speed Compact Flash Unit, a Hensel Octabox 90 with the Speedring included. A Hensel Softbag is also included to carry it all.

This kit has an rrp of £983 + Vat and until July 31st the offer price will be  £795 + Vat  – Delivered Carriage Free!

Expert D 250 Speed:

With flash recycling times from 0,045-0,22s corresponding to a picture frequency of 22 – 4,5 flashes per second, it allows for the fastest continuous shooting. Flash duration times from 1/10.000 – 1/4.000s let you freeze fast movements while the Expert D 250 Speed offers its shortest flash duration time  in the middle power range. Few flash generators achieve such values at comparable performance! And an added bonus is that the Expert D 250 Speed is better priced than flash heads for many of the popular generators.

Additionally, the immense setting range of 9 f-stops expands creative options, and the integrated radio sync, radio remote control and freemask improve ease of use. Thanks to its sturdy metal housing, best components, and optimum workmanship ‘Made in Germany’ the Expert D 250 Speed withstands many years of the toughest action.

For working ‘on location’, there is the optional Power Max L that allows the off-grid operation of up to two Expert D flash units. And with 53 years of experience in the area of professional photography, Hensel also offers a comprehensive range of versatile light shaping tools.

There has never been a better time to GET UP TO SPEED.