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Hensel Portable Flash System

Hensel Porty L Series

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Freedom without limits. The NEW Porty by the inventor of professional battery powered flash generators. Excellent performance, handy operation, full remote control. Perfect on location - but also a true studio pack with its optional AC adapter.
The Porty Lithium was the first lithium battery generator in its class. With Integrated Radio Remote receivers for Strobe Wizard Plus and Freemask.
Strobe Wizard Plus Trigger is included with every kit purchase.
Short flash duration, fast recycling and asymmetric power distribution are highlights of the Porty L series.
An optional AC adapter allows real mains operation with up to 2x 650W model light.

AND NOW - a new LED SPEED HEAD is available for the Porty Series.
The demands of location photography of today mean the Photographer often switches from stills to video with in the same shoot. The BRIGHT LED of this head offers the perfect solution for all location needs.
Using a sophisticated high-power 40W LED modelling light with a glass lens, it is mounted on a special heat sink and cooled by a fan to withstand the high temperatures generated by the flash tube. Because of its excellent efficiency, the light output of this LED is similar to a 300W halogen lamp.
This head delivers a seriously brighter modelling light than conventional Porty heads with a 65W Halostar bulb. At the same time, the LED saves battery capacity – the user gets brilliant model light AND more flashes (the fan consumes less than 2 Watts). Furthermore the LED is mechanically more robust and has a dramatically longer life span than any halogen bulb, making it perfect for transportation. In addition to its technical advantages, this head meets the growing popularity and demand for LED’s.
Hensel Porty L 1200 Kit
Hensel Porty L 1200
Hensel Lith Battery Pack (spare)
Hensel Quick Battery Charger for Porty L and Power Max Series
Hensel AC Porty Lith Mains Power Drawer for Porty L Series