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Hensel Lightformers - Beauty Dish

Softdish 80 -The Foldable Beauty Dish to go

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Brand new and especially for frequent travellers and on-location photographers,
we now offer the Softdish 80, a foldable beauty dish. When
the classic beauty dish with its rigid construction reaches its limits concerning
portability and compactness, the Softdish 80 picks up the
slack. Lightweight and foldable like a softbox, distinct yet also soft
light like a beauty dish  combined in a single light former.

This large beauty dish with a diameter of 80cm, white interior, and
adjustable deflector, assembles like a softbox and is only 18x64cm
large with a weight of 715 g (plus speedring 300 g), including
transport bag when folded up. Ideal for on-location work, especially
because the Softdish 80 is quickly set up and taken down,
and the included diffuser lets you quickly change it into an octabox.
A P R I L // G E R M A N Y // 0 2 _ 2 0 1 4
// light //newsletter11
When spring arrives, summer is no longer far off. Now
is the time for photographers and movie makers to leave
the studio again and travel to the most beautiful locations
around the world. Therefore, todays newsletter is
full with novelties pertaining to the topic on location.
Enjoy reading it! photo // natalia luzenko
Ideal for classic portraits, unique
people and attractive beauty shots
 not just on location.

-NEW- Hensel Softdish 80
Speed Ring EH Ø 10cm
Beauty Dish - Classic

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The metal body is designed to accommodate a large honeycomb with a diameter of 22"/56 cm. This makes targeted light possible and increases the possible applications. The metal honeycomb clicks into the edge of the newly developed reflector and is held in place by two metal clips for simple handling and effective performance.

- Generates round, natural eye reflexes.
- Ideal for portraits, weddings, beauty, fashion, nursery and school photography.
- Robust enough for outdoor use.
- The ideal keylight when combined with reflecting screens.
- Lightweight aluminium construction
- None of the assembly work required for softboxes.
- Accessories can be changed without tools in seconds.
- Transportable with all the bits and bobs in a great transport bag.
The diffusing cap at the centre allows you to exchange the cap for circular honeycombs (also fitting on 7" reflectors) without any tools. Filters can also be added.
- Beauty Dish + Deflector = soft light with wide angle dispersion (~ slightly overcast sky)
- Beauty Dish + Deflector + eye diffusor = ultra-soft light with wide angle
22' ACW White Beauty Dish EH
22" Beauty Dish Silver Coating | Hensel
22' ACW Beauty Dish Kit EH (7')
22" ACW Beauty Dish Kit EH | Hensel
22' ACW Beauty Dish Honeycomb Grid No. 3
22' ACW Beauty Dish Honeycomb Grid No. 4
MH Version White
MH Version Silver
22' ACW Beauty Dish Kit MH