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Alpa | Digital Lenses | Lens Modules

Copal Lenses Rodenstock HR For Alpa

Further Information
Alpa selects certain lenses from Rodenstock & Schneider and they are branded as their own named exclusive lenses.
For example - the 35mm Apo Digitar lens has become a 36mm Apo Switar and has a larger diameter filter thread
as this has allowed for a built in lens hood.

Long or Short Barrell 17 or 34mm

The listings below will show lenses available mounted either long barrel/ short barrel 17 or short barrel 34
A lens marked as SB17 means that it requires a 17mm spacer in order for the lens to reach infinity. This spacer is purchased seperately and can be added to the front or rear of the camera body therefore allowing better balance. Alpa also offer a 17mm tilt shift adapter instead of the 17mm spacer. This same system is available for those lenses needing an SB34. LB (Long Barrel) does not require the spacer and will focus at infinity with no further accessory.
ALPA Rodenstock HR Alpagon 5.6 / 23mm LB | PLEASE ENQUIRE
ALPA Exclusive Rodenstock HR Alpar 4.5 / 28mm LB
ALPA Exlcusive Rodenstock HR Alpagon 4 / 32mm SB17
Rodenstock HR Alpar- S 4.0 / 35mm LB
ALPA Exclusive Rodenstock HR Alpagon 4.0 / 40mm LB
ALPA Exclusive Rodenstock HR Alpagon 4.0 / 50mm SB34
ALPA Exclusive Rodenstock HR Alpagon 5.6 / 70mm SB17
ALPA Exclusive Rodenstock HR Alpagon SW 5.6 / 90mm SB34
ALPA Apo Makro Switar f5.6 105mm
ALPA HR Alpar 5.6 / 180mm SB34