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Rodenstock Polariser Filters

Rodenstock HR Digital Super MC Circular Polariser

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HR Digital Circular Polarisation Filters
Polarizing Filters reduce reflections and glare, they are a neutral color and can be used for colour or black and white photography. Light coming from the sun is not polarised therefore parts of the light become partially polarised due to the scattering of particles in the atmosphere. This scattering reduces the transparency of the air and creates haze in the distance and the blue in the sky on a sunny day. Polarisation also controls the reflections of light on the original colour of the surface. The HR Digital Super MC Circular Polariser improves the color of the sky, (in distant pictures, mountain scenes, etc.) it reduces the bluish cast in landscapes and increases the blue color of the sky. The effect is strongest at a 90degree angle to the sun. In addition polarisers enhance the color saturation of the scene by suppressing the reflections on the surface, undesired reflections are largely eliminated.

Polarising filters have a polarising film between two protecting glass plates inside a rotating mount, which is transparent only for light oscillating on a specific plane. Depending on the orientation of the filter, polarised light is rejected completely or partially. Just as with a Neutral Density Filter ND 2x, normal un-polarised light (= mixed polarised) is darkened at a rate of about 50%.

Circular Polarising Filters are applicable for all cameras, even for those with a beam splitter in front of the AF-sensor or for a TTL light meter cell (where linear polarising filters cannot be used). The HR Digital Circular Polarizing Filter is characterized by the following features:

•Due to a 7 layer multi-coating the transmission of light is especially high and reflection very low. Therefore double images and stray light can be avoided even better.
•An extra protection layer which is extremely scratch-proof, water-repellent and dirt-resistant makes the glass plates robuster. This layer does not have any influence on transmission, it keeps the surface clean for a longer time and allows easy cleaning.
•Due to its minimal heat extension even for heavy variations in temperature, the brass mount does not create any quality-reducing mechanical tensions in the filter glass. Furthermore, the danger of getting stuck in the filter thread of the lens is reduced by the high slide capacity of brass.

The HR Digital Circular Polarizing Filter is available with a slimline mount in sizes from 49 mm to 82 mm. It is fitted with a female thread at the front side and a male thread of the same size at the rear. So an additional filter or a lens hood can be fixed.
HR Digital Super Multi Coated Circular Polariser | 49mm to 62mm
From £50.00
HR Digital Super Multi Coated Circular Polariser | 67mm to 82mm
From £70.00
HR Digital Super Multi Coated Circular Polariser | 86mm to 95mm
From £190.00