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Photokina 2016 – New from Hensel

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Hensel CITO 500

Flash duration times of up to 1/100,000s and a picture frequency of 40 flashes/sec maximum, it is the fastest compact flash worldwide.

It achieves flash duration times of less than 1/20,000s and more than 10 flashes/sec. already at a cito-500medium power setting: practical values for dynamic shootings! This flash helps you take fascinating images that stand out from the crowd.

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Hensel Fashion & Beauty Kit with the Expert D 250 Speed

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Hensel_Up_to_Speed_Post_Linhof StudioHensel Summer 2016 Offer

The Fashion and Beauty Kit – Bring yourself up to Speed with this limited offer for the Hensel Expert D 250 Speed Kit

People, fashion, and sports photographers need fast flashes: In no other area of photography does work get done as dynamically, whether inside the studio or on location. Modern cameras allow increasingly faster picture sequences with increasingly more exposures – only good  if your flash system can cope. Continue reading

Hensel Softboxes

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Hensel has put together a chart comparing the various results when using softboxes to achieve a softer light.

Each image will show the lighting set up, the Hensel softbox used and the result

Hensel Light Shaping Comparison for Soft Light – please click on the image below to view the comparisons. Continue reading