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Lotus View - Lotus Cameras

Lotus View Cameras

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Lotus View Camera manufactures lightweight field cameras made from cherry wood, high-quality metal, and high-tech material.
Available from 4x5" up to 20x24" as well as in metric sizes.
Looking at Lotus View Rapid Field Cameras weight, handling, and focussing possibilities are ideally balanced, which makes them equally suitable for work inside and outside the studio.

The movements are geared by racks and drives made of black Delrin™.
For the sizes 4x5", 4x10", 5x7", 8x10", 12x20", and 14x17" reducing frames or panoramic backs are available for switching to smaller or panoramic size.
The ground glass frames for landscape or portrait format are interchangeable (excluding panoramic sizes for which we recommend our Vertical Mounting Device).

All wooden parts are made from cherry wood, no rain forest wood is used. Metal parts are made from powder coated or black anodized aluminium or from brass.

On all of these cameras the front axis tilt is only limited by the bellows and the back axis tilt can be specially ordered. Each camera has an interchangeable groundglass frame, and a groundglass with a grid can be custom made.
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 4x5
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 5x7
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 4x10
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 8x10
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 8x20
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 7x17
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 11 x 14
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 14 x 17
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 12 x 20
Lotus View Camera Accessories - Reducing Backs
Many Combinations available - please ask for details