Linhof Introduce Dovetail Plates


Linhof Introduce Dovetail Plates Suitable for all UniQ/C standard DT fitting accessories.

The Dovetail UniQ/C has become the adopted universal standard in Camera to Tripod connection.

With the success of the Linhof 3 D series of tripod heads and Panoramic Plates in their Quickfix and Dovetail versions, Linhof now complete this with introducing their own Dovetail plates in addition to their own quick release system.

Available in 2 sizes:


Linhof Dovetail Plate Standard Version. 70 x 53 mm. Supplied with 3/8th and 1/4 threads.


Linhof dovetail plate S Small Version. 70 x 40 mm. Supplied with 3/8th and 1/4 threads.