Lee Filters Effect Sets

Lee Filters Effect Sets

Although the use of neutral density filters is essential in landscape photography, effect filters are also occasionally used in order to bring out the light from a sunset or sunrise, the reds and browns in autumn leaves or simply to add a more atmospheric effect such as a mist over water.

Lee Filters and Landscape photographer Mark Bauer have produced a very informative video on the use of graduated effect filters. Mark Bauer gives incisive and clear advice on when and how to use, or not to use, the effect filters through a series of images. The same filters are available as single filters for the Sev5n and SW150 system.

Get all 4 sets below for £430 inc vat and carriage to the UK HERE

In this video they concentrate on 4 sets which will enhance the natural features of the image:

Sunrise set : Mahogany 1, Straw 2 and Straw Stripe 100x150mm hard graduation

Lee Filters effect sets Sunrise with mark Bauer








Sunset set: Sunset orange, Sunset yellow and Sunset red 100x150mm hard graduation

lee filters effect sets sunset with mark bauer





Autumn set: Chocolate 2, Coral 6 and Tobacco 2 100x150mm hard graduation

Lee filters effect sets mark bauer autumn set





Mist set: Mist spot, Mist graduated and Mist stripe 100x150mm hard graduation

lee filters effect sets mark bauer mist set





All photos taken by Mark Bauer