Hasselblad X1D

Hasselblad HQ will be attending our open day and will be answering questions about the new Hasselblad X1D as well as demonstrating this new game changer.

Together with all the Hasselblad news from Photokina there will also be opportunities to try Hasselblads MF digital backs on our range of platforms with camera movements from Alpa Linhof Cambo & Silvestri. If you are visiting us with a particular product in mind – please do let us know in advance and we will make sure we can accommodate it.


Hasselblad X1D overview:

At less than half the weight of a conventional digital medium format camera, the mirrorless X1D is a game changer in the world of photography.
The X1D’s high-resolution rear LCD offers touch control for all aspects of the camera’s features. The elegant icon-based user interface speeds access to customisation options along with intuitive playback functions such as swipe and pinch to zoom. The camera also boasts a 2.4 MP electronic viewfinder for bright, crisp viewing even under difficult lighting conditions.

Handmade in Sweden, less than half the weight of a conventional digital medium format camera, the X1D seamlessly combines portability with excellent optical quality.1-X1D_Front

By opting for a mirrorless design, Hasselblad were able to use their 50MP CMOS sensor and pack it into a footprint smallX1D_Lifestyle_InHander than most full frame 35mm cameras. For the first time, photographers have a camera that is no larger than a small format rangefinder, but offers exceptional quality.

The X1D can capture up to 14 stops of dynamic range, allowing for unmatched detail, from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights.xd1 lenses

To enhance the entirely new camera design Hasselblad have produced a new range of autofocus lenses specifically engineered to match the high resolution capability of the X1D.

The superb new XCD lenses deliver edge-to-edge sharpness in a compact form to elegantly match the slim build of the body.

Linhof Studio will receive their demonstration camera by the end of July and first deliveries commence towards the end of August.

X1D-50c (Body Only) £5,990 + VAT Preorder now and receive a Lee Filters Sev5n Starter Kit and Adapter
XCD 3,5/45mm Lens -£1,490 + VAT
XCD 3,2/90mm -£1790 + VAT