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Compagnon accessories

compagnon has thought of a range of accessories to complement the range of bags:

The Notebookcompagnon_the_notebook_black_516_linhofstudio

A5, 100 pages, 110gr/sq. Available in Light brown and Black




The Quiver

Attaches to the backpack to carry and protect tripods. Can also be used to carry flasks. Solid metal hooks & loops and military grade plastic cord stoppers. The cord used to adjust the quiver is Paracord Type III 550, a survival and parachute cord that will endure up to 550 lbs load before breaking.compagnon_quiver_tripod_stativ_koecher_halter_black_leather_05-full




The Straps

Available in slim 22mm wide and bold 40mm widecompagnon_bold_strap_dark_light_brown_513-5-3




The Tool Bag

to fit small lenses, external hard drives orcompagnon_toolbag_equipment_tasche_gear_bag_leather_leder_canvas_green_05 other valuables.

Exterior dimensions: about 9 cm (height) x 15 cm (width) x 23 cm (length)

Internal dimensions: about 8 cm (height) x 14 cm (width) x 21.5 cm (length)



Please visit our website for more accessories such as waistbelt for the backpack, wallet and leather care products