LEE Filters Combination filters

Here at Linhof Studio we have on stock many combination filters that are normally only available to custom order.

They are a good way to keep your filter holder slim and avoid Vignetting and stray light- particularly when using the Polariser at the front of your holder.

Combination Grads

They are made using the same hands-on process as the Lee Filters ND grads with optically correct resin.

Combination filters typically feature a warm-up or colour correction filter one end and an ND grad the other end.

“To” Filters

These have separate colours top and bottom and can only be made with hard grad transitions.

For example a 0.6ND to 81B combination filter both warms up the cool tone of a subject and controls contrast of light in the photo.

05-0-6-to-81a05-0-6-to-coral205-0-6-to-81b 05-0-75-to-coral205-0-9-to-straw2






“With” Filters

These have the warm-up over the entire filter, then the ND is overdyed at one end. The result gives a warming effect to both the sky and foreground with the ND balancing the exposure. Can be made in hard or soft transition according to your requirements.

05-0-6-with-81b 05-0-9-with-81a05-0-6-with-85c05-0-75-with-81a 05-0-9-with-81a