CMOS Sensor test with Rodenstock Lenses


The attached image was kindly taken by Alpa to demonstrate the FULL images circle of these lenses when used on the 33×44 CMOS sensor.

For these tests – the Alpa 12XY camera body was used with a Phase One IQ250.

Linhof Studio Rodenstock Lens Comparison Alpa

The lenses tested were as follows:

  • 23mm f5.6 HR Alpagon ( Rodenstock HR Digaron S) Image Circle 70mm
  • 28mm f4.5 HR Alpar (Rodenstock HR Digaron) Image Circle 70mm
  • 32mm f4 HR Alpagon ( Rodenstock HR Digaron W) Image Circle 90mm
  • 35mm f4 HR Alpar ( Rodenstock HR Digaron) Image Circle 70mm

The scales to the left and right of the centre 0mm represent the image circle.

All images are a 3  image horizontal stitch.(25mm – 0mm – 25mm).

On all images, a respective LCC has been applied.

The image we hope is self-explanatory.

Should you wish to see the full resolution image of 677mb , please email us at and we will send a link.