Rodenstock HR Digaron-S Lenses

Rodenstock HR Digaron-S Lenses

The Rodenstock HR Digaron-S lenses with a 70mm image circle (80mm for a focal lengths of 180mm) for sensor sizes from 24x36mm up to 33x44mm provide excellent sharpness and brilliance already from open aperture (f/4 to f/5.6). For reduced camera movement they are also recommended for sensor sizes up to 37x49mm and without any camera movement even for sensor sizes up to 36x56mm or 40x54mm

HR Digaron-S special features:

  • Resolution up to 100 line pairs/mm, pixel size up to 5 μm.
  • The open aperture is free of vignetting and can be used as a working aperture.
  • Excellent imaging performance at working apertures from 5.6 to 8.
  • To avoid blurring and color fringing caused by the sensor protection glass, the calculation of the optical design includes a 2 mm thick sensor glass.
  • Perfect symmetric reproduction due to special adjustment of the optical elements.
  • Thanks to the retro focus design of the wide-angle lenses there is no additional
  • Rodenstock HR Digaron-S Lenseslight fall-off and no color fringing on the sensors with micro lenses due to extremely oblique light incidence.
  • Enough space left for camera movement between lens and sensor even with short focal lengths.


Focal Length

Aperture Image Circle for scale Recommended working f-stop Recommended scale range


f/5.6 70mm 5.6-8 ∞ – 1/20
28mm f/4.5 70mm 5.6-8

∞ – 1/20


f/4 70mm 5.6 ∞ – 1/10
60mm f/4 70mm 5.6

∞ – 1/10


f/4 70mm 5.6

∞ – 1/10

180mm f/5.6 80mm 5.6-8

∞ – 1/10

Please click the image below for image circles and movement ranges:

Rodenstock HR Digaron-S Lenses image circle

Comparison of focal lengths:


Sensor Types and sensor sizes
P40+ P45+


IQ 140

IQ 160, IQ 180
IQ 250

IQ 260, IQ 280




HR Digaron-S 23mm 19mm 18mm


HR Digaron-S 28mm

23mm 22mm 19mm
HR Digaron-S 35mm 29mm 27mm


HR Digaron-S 60mm

49mm 46mm 40mm
HR Digaron-S 100mm 82mm 77mm


HR Digaron-S 180mm

148mm 139mm


Rodenstock HR Digaron-S Lenses drawing

Focal Length

Aperture Shutter Size Dimensions (mm) Weight
a b c d e f
23mm f/5.6 0 75 E72 48.0 44.8 28.8 89.6



f/4.5 0 75 E72 48.0 53.1 36.7 105.5 830g
35mm f/4 0 70 E67 48.0 53.5 29.2 80.4 480g
60mm f/4 0 51 E49 42.0 64.3 24.0 57.6 240g


f/4 0 60 E58 42.0 99.8 22.1 73.4 370g
180mm f/5.6 0 70 E67 60.0 177 40.6 90.3