Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-digital 55mm

Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-digital 55mm

Both lens series Apo-Sironar digital and Apo-Macro-Sironar digital (the latter is optimized for large scales) provide large image circles and leave enough space for camera movement. Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-digital 55mmThese lenses are ideal for use with digital scan backs as well as with chip backs having larger formats or for being used in the macro-scan mode for larger formats by stitching multiple shots made with laterally shifted back from one shot to the next.


Technical Data:

Recommended cameras ALPA, Cambo, Linhof
Recommended working f-stop 8-11
Recommended scale range ∞ – 1/5

Movement ranges at sensor sizes:

Image circle for scale ∞ 125mm
37x49mm ↑→ 39/35
40x54mm ↑→ 36/32
472 x 96 mm Line Scan ↑→ 4/3

Dimensions and weights:

Push on diameter 70mm
Filter thread E67
Rear mount diameter 60.0 mm
Flange focal length at scale ∞ (Copal version) 67.6 mm
Flange to lens end (Copal version) 32.0 mm
Overall length 73.8 mm
Weight (version Copal) 400 g

Shutter Types:

Copal 0
Control mode Mechanical
Shutter speeds range B, T, 1/500-1s
f-stop range 4.5-45
Rodenstock eShutter 0
Control mode Electronic
Shutter speeds range T, 1/125-32s
f-stop range 4.5-45


Focus mount (dimensions and weights in version Copal)
Focusing range with Focus Mount ∞ – 0.9 m
Flange focal length at scale ∞ with Focus Mount 48.9 mm
Flange to lens end with Focus Mount 13.3 mm
Weight, lens with Focus Mount 525 g
Centerfilter, Exposure correction -2,5 f-stops
Mounting thread
Front thread