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Architectural Day


Architectural Day

With LinhofStudio, Hasseblad and Sean Conboy


15TH MAY 2018 – 10.30AM to 4PM

An informative tutorial day on camera movements with a selection of alternative platforms for the Hasselblad H6D and the Hasselblad
X1D cameras.
Held at the Grade-II listed Grand Theatre in Blackpool, camera systems will be available to try will include Linhof, Alpa, Silvestri & Cambo
models, with a range of digital lenses from Rodenstock.
Experienced architectural photographer, Sean Conboy, will offer insight in to his use of a Linhof Techno camera with a Hasselblad
H6D-100c digital back, and guide through several interior lighting setups for shooting the theatre’s amazing decor, providing an
opportunity to get a unique ‘hands on’ approach to Sean’s style of shooting.

Places for this event are strictly limited and available for £100 inc. VAT, which includes lunch and light refreshments.
Please email sales@linhofstudio.com for registration.