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LEE Filters October Open Day and Photokina News

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LF_Logo_BW LEE FiltersJon Cuff from Lee Filters HQ will be at Linhof Studio to answer all your questions and run you through all the Lee systems.

As the UK’s specialist Lee Filters Stockist, our Lee Stock is vast and diverse so this is your chance to try any of the Lee Filter range before you buy.

We will update details of Photokina launches after the show but the latest pre Photokina launch are the new Caps for the Sev5n system . Continue reading

Paul Sanders

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Photographer Paul Sanders has scheduled a morning talk on Long Exposure at the open day and in addition , weather permitting, he will lead two  small classes to the shoreline for tuition.

Please see our Timetable for information.  This is a free event but demand will be high and we therefore recommend you register your interest soonest as places for the Paul Sanders talks and workshops will be limited. Continue reading

Lee Filters Sev5n Cap

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Lee Filters has now launched a set of caps for the Sev5n system. You can now choose to leave your adapter on your lens at all times. The set of 3 caps come in 3 colours red, yellow and blue so you can easily identify the lenses.You can also choose to write on them. Lee Filters_sev5n_caps_linhofstudio_lee fitlers

NEW LEE Filters Neutral Density Graduated Filters

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NEW LEE Filters Neutral Density Graduated Filters

All LEE Filters Neutral Density grads are made by hand, using technology that ensures the line of transition between the coated and clear areas of the filter is extremely precise. As a result, LEE Filters have been able to expand their range of ND grads available to photographers using the Seven5, 100mm and SW150 filter systems.

Available for the Sev5n (Medium Grad only), 100 and SW150 Series .
In densities 0.3/0.45/0.6/0.75/0.9 AND 1.2 Continue reading

Long Exposure Images: Doug Chinnery Explains More…….

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Doug Chinnery – “Filters & Long Exposure”

The Photography Show Talk: Monday 12-12.45pm, Tuesday 12-12.45pm

Have you used a ten stop neutral density filter during the day and yet only managed to get exposure times of five or ten seconds and wondered what you are doing wrong?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes!’, then I can help you.

When you look at images like the one above, with flat ethereal water and streaking clouds (you are seeing the effect of several minutes of time passing on a scene. Continue reading