Hasselblad X1D Adapter solutions

Hasselblad X1D Adapter solutions

Now that Hasselblad have released firmware upgrade v1.17.2 for their X1D camera , it enables the user to disable the lens shutter and use the electronic shutter in the sensor. You can find more information about the shutter functionality and how to change the camera settings  on page 92 of the Hasselblad X1D instruction manual.

Cambo are the first to release products to widen the usability and choice for customers with the Hasselblad X1D

CANON Adapter for Hasselblad X1D from CAMBOCambo Adapter for Canon Lens on Hasselblad X1D

This adapter is mounted directly to the X1D camera bayonet and it controls the aperture of Canon lenses electronically. The CA-XCD adapter can be used to set the aperture of those lenses that have a motorised aperture only.

The internal battery is rechargeable. The used focal length and the current aperture are displayed on an LED screen on the adapter plate. As there is no mechanical shutter on the X1D, there are limitations in use with certain light sources, exposure times and subjects. We refer to Hasselblad for additional information about their electronic shutter.

Please note : that there is no further protocol to communicate with the X1D camera for setting aperture, auto focus or EXIF date from the lens.

Hasselblad X1d with Canon Lens and Cambo Adapter

Hasselblad X1d with Canon Lens and Cambo Adapter


Only Canon lenses that have a larger image circle, such as the T/S lenses, will have enough coverage for this sensor.

The practical use of Canon lenses may be limited to those that have enough image circle coverage for the 33x44mm sensor. These include the Canon T/S lenses.

This combination makes it possible to use the Hasselblad X1D & Fuji GFX camera with a 17mm (and 24mm) focal length that covers the full format of the X1D 33x44mm sensor!

Depending on the composition you may still be able to use the T/S movements on the lens itself unobstructed.

Cambo Actus XCD


The Hasselblad X1D can now be used as a view camera thanks to the NEW Cambo Actus XCD mount.

For a similar price as one Hasselblad XCD lens the Cambo Actus XCD could be purchased and use of Medium format lenses from Hasselblad or Mamiya, for example, could be used. A full range of lens adapter are available. The basic configuration of a Cambo ACTUS-XCD consists of a monorail, front assembly without lens plate ( allowing you to choose what lens adapter you require)  a rear frame with XCD camera bayonet and a detachable standard bellows.