Base Tilt for Cambo ACTUS series

Base Tilt for Cambo ACTUS series

Cambo is expanding the ACTUS series with an optional BASE TILT Function. To use tilt on the rear standard of the Actus has been requested by photographers regularly.

Cambo has designed a tilting unit that can be mounted between the existing standard and the monorail. The tilt unit offers up to 15 degrees of forward and backward tilt, in increments of 5 degrees. It is very simple to incline the monorail, and revert both front and rear standards back to perpendicular position, while keeping both standards exactly parallel, using a positive lock that slots into a grid pattern, protected against accidental movements.

As well as the tilt function, there is also the possibility to extend the vertical shift by using this as an indirect movement, especially useful when you use lenses with a larger image circle beyond the default rise and fall reach.

The extra focus layer on the rear standard has another additional feature: you gain 42mm more focus draw. This applies to all three versions.

Please note that this kit is a retrofit for all existing ACTUS cameras, Mini, B, G, and DB versions.

Three versions are available:

Full Base Tilt Kit (AC-375)

The AC-375 is the Full Base Tilt Kit.  It consists of a base tilt block for the front standard, one for the rear standard and one for the tripod mount. This combination allows for complete control of all tilt functions. The AC-375 adds an extra base tilt adjustment to your Actus camera’s front and rear standards, as well as to the Tripod Mount.

The rear base tilt unit mounts between the rear standard focussing unit and the monorail, and makes an extra layer of sliding focus too.  An additionally included feature is that this layer allows for 42mm more focus draw, compared to the original configuration.

The front base tilt unit mounts with 4 screws between the front standard and the monorail.

The tripod base tilt unit mounts to the bottom of the monorail and can slide along the full monorail length.

The AC-375 gives you additional freedom of movements in applying technical camera settings.  You can also set indirect vertical movements by applying base tilt to both standard, increasing more vertical shift when your optics allow for that. By simultaneously applying tilt to the tripod mount, you can keep your standards parallel and perpendicular with an inclined monorail. Ideal for yaw-free swing applications.

Additional weight AC-375:  0,48 kg

Additional height front and rear : 20 mm

Additional height tripod mount:  35 mm

Additional focus draw rear unit:    42 mm

Rear base tilt:        +15 / -15 degrees

Front base tilt:        +15 / -15 degrees

Tripod base tilt:        +15 / -15 degrees

Increments:        5 degrees.


Dual Base Tilt Kit (AC-373)

As above but without the tripod mount element

Rear Base Tilt Kit (AC-371)

The AC-371 is the Rear Base Tilt Kit.  It consists of a base tilt block for the rear standard and comes with a matching spacer under the front standard. This combination allows for additional tilt control of the rear standard.


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