Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 40mm

Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 40mm

The lens series HR Digaron-W with an image circle from 90 mm to 125 mm is the first choice for large sensors from 37x49mm up to 36x56mm or 40x54mm and for technical cameras, if parallel lens shift and lens swing and tilt require large camera movement. Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 40mmFor an optimum performance of the highest-resolution sensors with 80 megapixels and more and a pixel pitch down to 6 µm, the optical design of both series HR Digaron-S and HR Digaron-W includes the thickness of the sensor glass plate.

Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 40mm

Technical Data:

Recommended cameras ALPA, Cambo, Linhof
Recommended working f-stop 5.6-8
Recommended scale range ∞ – 1/10

Movement ranges at sensor sizes:

Image circle for scale ∞ 90mm
33x44mm ↑→ 23/20
37x49mm ↑→ 19/17
40x54mm ↑→ 16/13

Dimensions and weights:

Push on diameter 70mm
Filter thread E67
Rear mount diameter 56.0 mm
Flange focal length at scale ∞ (Copal version) 69.5 mm
Flange to lens end (Copal version) 44.4 mm
Overall length 96.4 mm
Weight (version Copal) 530 g

Shutter Types:

Copal 0
Control mode Mechanical
Shutter speeds range B, T, 1/500-1s
f-stop range 4-32
Rodenstock eShutter 0
Control mode Electronic
Shutter speeds range T, 1/125-32s
f-stop range 4-32


Focus mount (dimensions and weights in version Copal)
Focusing range with Focus Mount ∞ – 0.5 m
Flange focal length at scale ∞ with Focus Mount 50.8 mm
Flange to lens end with Focus Mount 25.7 mm
Weight, lens with Focus Mount 655 g
Centerfilter, Exposure correction -2,5 f-stops
Mounting thread
Front thread