NEW ALPA Hand Grips for 12 TC, STC, Max XY, FPS

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ALPA have created new hand grips for 12 TC, STC, Max XY, FPS.

Alpa New Handgrips Linhof Studio Large Format Camera Photography Switzerland tc-hg-copal

New Modular ALPA Hand Grip and Releases from ALPA of Switzerland on Vimeo.

Above is a link where the hand grips are introduced with the ALPA 12 FPS, the new softtouch hand grip can now be used with an adapter on the ALPA 12 STC body (also as hand grip solution in rise/fall configuration), the ALPA 12 TC but also as handling aid for the ALPA 12 MAX or even the ALPA 12 XY.

Insert the new electr. trigger and get additional index finger release on your ALPA 12 FPS. Or just use it as e-trigger. Use conventional ALPA cable releases with the appropriate adapter for a convenient triggering of Copal shutters on your ALPA 12 body.