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RODENSTOCK HR DIGITAL FILTERS & UK Launch of the much awaited HR Digaron SW

Rodenstock are a worldwide recognized manufacturer of professional lenses of the highest quality. They therefore know how important optical and mechanical quality is when it comes to filters.

All Rodenstock Filters are slim and have a front thread. The frame is made from brass and the edges are blackened to negate contrast reducing reflections.

Rodenstock introduce the HR Digital filters are all super MC which means they have a further coating on top of the MC and will repel water and oil.


Available as: The HR Digital UV Blocking Filter

Specially designed for digital photography, transmits visible light without hindrance while cutting out ultraviolet radiation.

The HR Digital Super MC Circular Polariser

Rodenstock HR Digital ND Filters

Digital Vario ND 2- ND 400 MC

With a large range of density, if you need more than 2x, 4x and 8x you can use a Variable ND filter and achieve finer graduation. The range is from 1.5 stops to 5 stops (2.8x to 32x) without colour cast.


RD 90 HR SW 6.5 rodenstock lens linhofstudio 1

The much awaited latest addition to the family of HR lenses for High end digital Photography has arrived and will be on the Linhof Studio Stand at The Photography Show.

The brand-new HR Digaron-SW 90 mm meets the highest standards of modern digital backs with up to 100 megapixel and 5µm pixel size.

The state-of-the-art technologies of production, mounting, and measurement allow putting into practice the required resolution of 100 Lp/mm with stable rotation symmetry.

The 120 mm image circle diameter has been designed for big camera movements for shift and tilt and stitching with the currently largest standard sensors. Of course the optical design of such a high-performance lens also integrates sensor cover glass.

During the development process of the HR Digaron-SW 90 major focus has been put on temperature stability. Its imaging performance remains stable with temperatures ranging from -10°C to +50°C and makes this lens an ideal solution for both outdoor shootings and studio photography.

For more information – visit the Linhof Studio stand and see it use with the highest resolution backs from Mamiya Leaf and Phase One.