Bergger Inkjet Papers


Bergger INKJET Papers

Bergger is a French company who have been making Fine Art photographic paper and film since 1995.

Carrying on the European tradition of beauty and quality begun over a century ago by legendary French manufacturer Guilleminot, Bergger offers the finest photographic products available on the market today.

Already famous for their quality fibre based papers, they also now bring their experience and talent to digital printing. Berggers Inkjet Paper is designed for extreme printing excellence, ideal for images requiring crisp detail, fine resolution and rich tonal range.

All papers in the Bergger’s New Generation line are ideal for a wide variety of fine art applications including original work and both fine art and photographic reproduction. All New Generation papers are compatible with both dye and pigmented inkjet printing systems.

Ideal for the highest quality fine-art reproductions and inkjet (giclee) technology, the New Generation papers change the face of digital printing today.

LinhofStudio have chosen 2 papers from the Inkjet range:

 PN62 315g/m2                                                    PN65 450g/m2 

BERPN65 bergger inkjet fine art paper linhofstudio (3)BERPN62 bergger inkjet fine art paper linhofstudio

They are both smooth, bright white, matt papers.

They contain a minimal amount of optical brighteners and will give images a greater clarity, depth as well as exquisite details. 100% Cotton Rag.

All prices can be found on our website at Linhof