NEW Linhof Stitching Slide


For digital backs with live view for Linhof Techno and Linhof M679CS.


As Digital Backs move towards Live Focus, Linhof introduces the Stitching Slide – Code 2768 S. An extra short Sliding Back without the ground glass facility. This allows the possibility of stitching with a live focus back while retaining the compact camera size that the possibility of live focus backs create. Integrated stops allow a 2 shot stitch and will enlarge the image size of digital chip backs (of 37×37 to 37×71 and of 37×49 to 49x71mm).Linhof_001690-Sa

Should there occasionally be a need for ground glass focus, Linhof have also introduced the NEW Ground Glass adapter 1690S. It accepts the Standard and Bright screens from Linhof and sits within the same aperture of the Stitching Slide as the Digital Back adapters.