Novoflex Fuji G Mount body Adapters



Novoflex Fuji G Mount body Adapters


Novoflex Fuji G Mount body Adapters enable the use of various lenses on the Fuji GFX camera body.

A precision-made camera and lens adapter to fit other makers’ lenses on a Fuji G-mount GFX50S camera body, retaining infinity focus, but losing all other connections. Made in Germany to tight tolerances, Novoflex body adapters have negligible play between the adapted lens and body.

The image circle of 35mm format lenses varies. Tilt/shift lenses will have ample coverage for the G-format sensor. Many older lenses used computations originally for medium and large format lenses, and their image circle will also be fine. If there is some undesirable light fall off at the corners of the image, this can often be fixed in imaging software.

Available for:

Hasselblad V

Mamiya 645

Pentax 67


Canon FD ( Not EOS)

Leica M

Leica R

Olympus OM

Minolta MD