Doug Chinnery

Doug Chinnery montage

Talk: Monday 12-12.45pm, Tuesday 12-12.45pm

“Filters & Long Exposure”

As photographers we face the problem of showing our three dimensional world in a two dimensional format. This problem solving is one of the headaches, and joys, of photography. Another factor we can use to further enhance our images is to show the effects of time on the landscape as an additional dimension. Often our shutter is open for the merest fraction of a second in an effort to retain sharpness and freeze motion, to freeze a moment in time. However, with the use of various settings on the camera, often in combination with Lee Filters wonderful high quality filters, we can also open our audiences eyes to the passing of time. We can show them the world in ways the eyes and mind alone cannot.

I will be talking on the Linhof Studio stand on Monday and Tuesday about the ways we can use our cameras and filters to make long exposure images, with exposure times from a second or two right through to exposures of many minutes.

Such techniques require a certain approach to setting up our cameras, calculating exposures and processing the images. I will guide you through these steps to help you take images which will capture the imagination of your audience and give you a new set of skills to use in your photography. The resulting images can be exciting, evocative and if not over used, a valuable creative tool to add to your skill set. I hope you will find time to join me – and ask questions on the day.

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