David Higgs

David Higgs Montage

Talk:  Saturday 12 – 12.45pm, Sunday  11 – 11.45am

‘The Analogue Darkroom in the Digital World’
There is currently a renaissance in the use of ancient photographic processes from the dawn of photography. Perhaps the most popular of which is printing in Platinum and Palladium, widely regarded as ‘the king’ of all printing processes. Despite being a process from the 1870s Platinum prints exhibit a warmth, a luminosity and a range of tones which is unrivalled. In addition the process remains the most archival method for making photographic prints with a lifetime measured in hundreds if not thousands of years.

Once a process limited to the use of large format plate cameras, David will explain how digital photographers, and those still using analogue techniques, can use a combination of the digital and the analogue to produce stunning prints in platinum, cyanotype, argyotype and even silver gelatin.

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