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Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 4x5
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Lotus View Camera manufactures lightweight field cameras made from cherry wood, high-quality metal, and high-tech material. The movements are geared by racks and drives made of black Delrin™. All wooden parts are made from cherry wood, we dont use rain forest wood. Metal parts are made from powder coated or black anodized aluminium or from brass. All cameras are supplied with a lensboard and made in Austria
Product Code:
Lotus View Rapid Field Camera 4x5


Front axis tilt

Front base tilt

Front Swing

Front rise and fall

Front lateral shift

Back base tilt

Back axis tilt

Back Swing

Back rise and fall

Back lateral shift

Limited only by the bellows

23° forward/ 90° back

+/- 27°



90° back/90° forward

Special order

Total 36°

Total 68mm

+/- 90mm


Groundglass frame

Bellows changeable

Minimum Bellows draw

Maximum Bellows draw

Finish of wood


Tripod thread

Weight without lens


With grid for 6x6 up to 6x12cm format

Interchangeable between upright and transverse size




Oiled and waxed

Technika style or custom design


2.4 kg