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Linhof Cameras - Technika Series

The Linhof Master Technika camera has achieved a certain worldwide cult status. It is noble too, respected throughout the world for its outstanding design and it is considered to be the most universal and most compact precision large format system for both studio & location. The system is available as Master Technika 3000 and as Master Technika Classic. Click left image for the brochure.

Master Technika Camera Bodies

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Further Information
The system is available as Master Technika 3000 and as Master Technika Classic.

The Classic allows even hand-held photography with the Multi-Focus Optical Viewfinder for image composition and the lens-coupled range finder system for precise focus control without ground glass.

Front standard : 30 inclination to the horizontal centre line,
each 15 rotation around the vertical axis
Lens High adjustment: 55 mm
Lateral displacement: 40 mm each in both directions
Baseboard: 15 , 30 , 55 Snap-hinged
Rear part: 20 swivel in each direction
Maximum Bellows Extension 430 mm
Size: 18 x 18 x 11 cm, folded Weight: 2600 g without lens and handle
Lenses: 72-400 mm .
Extreme wide-angle lenses: 38, 47, 58 mm (with special O-plate and focusing mount)
Front standard accepts all lenses with maximum rear diameter of 83 mm.

The 3000 offers no Rangefinder facility but has a precise internal body focus for extreme wide angle lenses. Together with the Universal Sliding Back with built in rise and fall- the 3000 will accept the latest digital backs and accommodate the wide lenses for theses chip formats.
As above but:
Size: 18 x 18 x 11 cm, folded Weight: 2550 g without lens and handle
35-400 mm focusable through ground glass. Front standard accepts all lenses with maximum rear diameter of 83 mm.
Linhof Master Technika Classic- with Rangefinder
Linhof Master Technika Classic camera body 4x5/ 9x12 without lens.
Linhof Master Technika 3000- with internal body focus
Linhof Master Technika 3000 camera body 4x5 / 9x12 without lens.
Anatomical Grip 45- left
Supplied with 17 inch cable release.
Linhof Multifocus Optical Viewfinder 45F with Mask 45 inch
Optional Meter Version available on request
Further Masks available for Viewfinder
9x12- 1379, 4x5- 1385, 6x12- 1444, 6x9- 1381, 6x7- 1382, 6x7(Rapid-Rollex)- 1448
Related Products
Panels Master Technika Series Techno & Technikardan (96x99 mm)
Flat Technika Lensboard Size 0
Flat Technika Lensboard Size 1 + 3
Recessed Lensboard size 0 with cutout for Copal 0 6mm recessed
Shallow recess requiring no angled flash sync
Recessed Lensboard size 0
12 mm recessed includes Angled Flash Sync & Cable.
Recessed Lensboard size 0
With cutout for Copal 0 21mm recessed. With Aperture lever and Angled Flash Sync & Cable.
Screw-on Nipple
In order for the cable release to stay in the Quick Release Socket the 41066 nipple is to be screwed to the end of the cable release to keep it in place. It is a conical piece of metal that screws to the end of the cable release negating the thread and allowing the cable release to click into the quick release socket.
Lensboard Copal 0 with Spacer Tube MT3000 / 2000
Coupling to Rangefinder
Lens Coupling for all Rangefinder 5x4 Cameras
Coupling charge (per lens)
To couple a lens to the rangefinder we need to have the lens and camera body. The cam is engraved with the serial number of the lens and is matched to the body. If you have a used cam of the same focal length it is usually possible to also re cut the cam.

Coupling work for Technika 6x9 /23 cameras is also possible.
Please see Vintage and Spares section
Cams 5x4
Set of Infinity Stops -
Technika and Techno.
Distance Scales
Scale holder (spare)
Roll Film Backs
Linhof Super Rollex Roll Film Backs
Super Rollex 45 / 6x7
Super Rollex 45 / 6x9
Rapid Rollex 45/ 6x7cm Format
10 exposures. NOW DISCONTINUED
Techno Rollex 6x12cm
6 exposures on rollfilm 120.
Multiformat Groundglass Mask 45
For all rollfilm formats, acetate overlay for groundglass screen with all roll film formats.
Focusing Accessories & Lens Shades
Focusing Accessories
Groundglass Screen 45 Grid
Multi Format Scoring.
Dimensions: 100mm x 128mm (WxL)
Groundglass Screen 45 Grid
cm grid only.
Fresnel Screen 45
Folding Focusing Hood
Mirror Reflex 5x4
Focusing Bellows 5x4
Lens Shades
Compendium Lens Shade Master Technika
Attaches to top of front standard via the supplied bracket.
Compendium Filter Holder M 95x1 / 10x10cm
Vignetting Mask Holder for compendium + 4 masks
Extreme Wide Angle & Digital Fitting
Rapid Slide Changer MT series only
Rapid Slide Changer for Master Technika Series
Sliding Back for Master Technika Series with geared rise and fall. Will fit both classic and 3000 version. Digital Adapter Plates and Groundglass Screen needed.
If used with wide lenses for the Classic version then lenses must be purchased in the Special Helical mounted lenses as there is no internal body focus on the Classic.
Adaption Kit for fixed revolving backs
MT Classic (version 1992 2007) and MT2000 for detaching the Rotating Back and attaching code 1618.
Conversion Drop bed struts for Master Technika Classic
Universal RSC Adapter Plates
Adapter plate for Hasselblad V fit Digital Backs
(needed for 1618 above)
Universal RSC Adapter Plates
Adapter plate for Hasselblad H fit Digital Backs
(needed for 1618 above)
Universal RSC Adapter Plates
Adapter plate for Phase One AFD XF and Leaf fit Digital Backs
(needed for 1618 above)
Universal RSC Adapter Plates
Adapter plate for Contax 645 fit Digital Backs
(needed for 1618 above)
Groundglass for Digital use.
Groundglass Screen 37, 9x49, 3 / 49, 3x71 M 679
Groundglass Screen 53.9x40.4 Phase One P65 +
Groundglass Screen 56x36/ 71x56 for Leaf AFi 10
Fresnel Screen M 679
Extreme Wide Angle for the MT Classic
Wide Angle Focus attachment
Extreme wide angle photography with the Technika Classic is now possible without the aid of the wide angle focus attachment. Wide angle lenses can now be supplied in helical focusing mounts complete with special lensboard (for F 35, 38, 45, 47, 55, 58mm). Recessed Technika lensboard with helical focusing mount for above lenses. Mounting of lenses in factory only.
Please check for availability as Schneider have discontinued many Helical Focus Mounts.
Linhof Digi Adapter V fit
Hasselblad V Digi Adapter
Allows for Digital Backs, Hasselblad V fit only-to fit directly to the Master Technika International Universal Back. Focusing is via the 5x4 Groundglass, format overlays are available.
Ideal for use with the Hasselblad CFV50c Digital Back
Groundglass Mask 45 / 24x36
Groundglass Mask 45 / 37x37
Groundglass Mask 45 / 4x5cm