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Linhof Multifocus Optical Viewfinder 5x4
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Linhof Multifocus Optical Viewfinder for the Master Technika and stand alone image composition.
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Linhof Multifocus Optical Viewfinder 5x4

The Linhof Master Technika Classic offers hand-held large format images without groundglass control when combined with the coupled range finder system and the Multifocus Optical Viewfinder. 

The Multifocus Optical Viewfinder is a precision accessory of highly functional design. It is attached to the Technika for the purpose of conveniently and accurately setting the desired image field.

It allows for all the various focal lengths commonly required and automatically corrects parallax and loss of image field. All the requisite settings for focal length and distance are carried out from the rear by means of milled rings. This optical device produces a practically distortion-free image from edge to edge. 
The built-in coupling cams and tracers are made of hard anodised steel and are therefore not subject to any wear and tear. Viewfinder masks which are attached to the front are available for reduced formats. The front masks can be rotated from Horizontal to Vertical and have a click stop in both positions.