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Linhof Cameras - Technikardan Series

Technikardan S 45 & 69 cm (23)

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The Technikardan series is a compact and mobile camera system designed for the demanding pro who needs to travel light but also wants to exploit all the possibilities of a fully adjustable view camera system whether with film or digital. The click-stops assure positive zero settings for faster operation. The patented concept of the rotating standards allows to fold the camera to extremely compact dimensions.
system specific accessories are available on this page.
For Lens Boards and Ground Glass please see main menu.
The Technikardan 23 accessories and digital adapters specific to the Linhof Circular fitting of the TK 69 are listed on this page and are also suitable for Linhof 69 Technika cameras.
For TK 5x4 Digital adapter possibilities please see our digital adapter section.
Linhof Technikardan S 45 4x5 Camera Body
Linhof TK 45 Wide- Angle Bellows
Linhof Technikardan S 23 6x9/6x7cms Camera Body
Linhof TK 23 Wide-Angle Bellows
Linhof Compendium Lenshade TK 45s & 23S
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