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Starspot 1500 for Porty Series & Accessories
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Useful unit for portrait, fashion and still life photography
Only for operation with Porty Power Pack, round sockets, for maximum power 1500 Ws, use Modelling Lamp 60W/12V (1851).
Hensel has designed a wide range of accessories specifically for the Starspot.
Please see the full information on each accessory further down.
Product Code:
Starspot 1500 for Porty Series & Accessories

Hensel 4 Wing Barn Door for Starspot:

Four separately adjustable wings for precise light distribution and to eliminate stray light

Honeycomb grid Holder:

This holder consists of an adapter (code no. 2340) and a grid holder (code no. 705). In order to mount honeycomb grids to the Starspot, the honeycomb grid holder needs to be inserted into the adapter. This assembly can then be inserted at the front of the Starspot.

Honeycomb Grid Set:

Includes the holder and 4 honeycomb grids number 1 to 4 for versatility in light precision.

Sunhaze Softbox:

45x65cms softbox, includes adapter. Its unique, patented functional principle brings light into the studio that is similar to that of a suddenly clearing sky when the sun breaks through. Lightly softened Fresnel light in the middle with soft light surrounding it and coming from one direction!

Adapter for Grid Holder and Fibre Optics:

Adapter plate with spacers to enable the use of the grid holder and the fiber optics adapter. Please note this adapter is already included with the grid holder.