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Cambo Actus-G - Base Camera with Bellows - no standards.
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The Cambo ACTUS-G Base Camera is supplied with Standard circular rear bellows but without front or rear standard so it can be configured for your own requirements.
A full list of front and rear standard options can be found below or please contact us and we will be pleased to put together your Actus camera with all the correct components required.
Product Code:
Cambo Actus-G - Base Camera with Bellows - no standards.

When using view camera movement the photographer is able to be more versatile, more creative and gets more professional results much faster than before.

Mirrorless system camera bodies take the place of a digital back, while the Cambo ACTUS functions as a view camera with tilt-shift and swing for sharper images thanks to the fine focus adjustments and stitch facility.

The basic configuration of a Cambo ACTUS-G consists of a monorail, front assembly without lensplate, a rear frame which can accept a camera a bayonet holder and a detachable standard bellows which is part of the ACTUS configuration.

          Cambo ACTUS-G Specifications

  • Size L / W / H: 152 x 115 x 171 mm
  • Weight: 1150 grams
  • Front Swing: 360 degrees
  • Rear Shift Vertical: 27mm (12/15)
  • Rear Shift Horizontal: 40mm (20/20)
  • Focus Travel: up to 134mm (-GFX-sensor)
  • Comes with standard bellows

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