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Novoflex Alpa Macro Linhof Studio

Novoflex Balpro TS

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The new BALPRO TS tilt/shift bellows from NOVOFLEX‘s provides a perfect tilt/shift bellows system for cameras up to a 6×7 cm format.
The tilt and shift functions are just what professional macro photographers have been waiting for.
The combination options are practically inexhaustible: Virtually all 35 mm and medium-format lenses as well as special lenses can be used with nearly all 35 mm and many medium format cameras up to 6 × 7 cm. Canon EOS systems even support full transfer of all data between camera and original lens via a special accessory. High-precision controls, an attractive design and high-calibre manufacturing make this the
perfect macro add-on.
The NOVOFLEX BALPRO T/S provides a tilt and shift function at the front and back of the bellows; the standard adjustment is 26 mm horizontally, the rotation 15° left and 15° right. In normal shooting position, you can take ideal photographs according to the Scheimpflug principal. Turn the bellows by 90° to portrait format to compensate for converging lines. The BALPRO T/S has markings at the O and centre positions.
Novoflex Balpro TS Bellows
The Novoflex BALPRO T/S is a unique tilt and shift bellows, ideal for product photography where depth of field and planes of focus can be precisely controlled; or when used on its side, to give rising front perspective control like a technical camera.The BALPRO system allows hundreds of combinations of camera bodies and lenses to be used together.
For example, a Mamiya 645 lens can be used with a Canon EOS body, or an enlarging lens with a Pentax 645 body. To adapt DSLR cameras and lenses to the bellows you will need an APRO ring plus a Novoflex A suffix body adapter; and for the lens the PROLEI ring plus a lens mount adapter. Medium format lenses require just a single type-specific ring. The bellows can also be used with the EOS-RETRO reverse adapter to retain all metering functions with a Canon EOS lens and camera.
Front and rear standards have 26mm of horizontal movement and 15° of left and right swivel, all independently lockable.
Minimum bellows extension: 40mm
Maximum bellows
Novoflex/ALPA Bellows Adapter
Allows the use of ALPA camera bodies and ALPA FPS SB 17 lenses and adapters on Novoflex bellows with the V groove adapter system.