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Novoflex Balpro TS Bellows
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The Novoflex BALPRO T/S is a unique tilt and shift bellows, ideal for product photography where depth of field and planes of focus can be precisely controlled; or when used on its side, to give rising front perspective control like a technical camera.The BALPRO system allows hundreds of combinations of camera bodies and lenses to be used together. For example, a Mamiya 645 lens can be used with a Canon EOS body, or an enlarging lens with a Pentax 645 body. To adapt DSLR cameras and lenses to the bellows you will need an APRO ring plus a Novoflex A suffix body adapter; and for the lens the PROLEI ring plus a lens mount adapter. Medium format lenses require just a single type-specific ring. The bellows can also be used with the EOS-RETRO reverse adapter to retain all metering functions with a Canon EOS lens and camera. Front and rear standards have 26mm of horizontal movement and 15° of left and right swivel, all independently lockable. Minimum bellows extension: 40mm Maximum bellows
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Novoflex Balpro TS Bellows