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Camera Systems > Silvestri > NEW Silvestri Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm > NEW Silvestri Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm >
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Silvestri Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm
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The Apo Silvetar 5.6/35mm lens designed and manufactured by Silvestri Cameras fills the much needed gap for a wide angle lens solution with a long flange focal distance and good image circle for use with todays mirrorless Medium Format Camera bodies. With exceptional technical characteristics to meet the demands of quality for a wide range of use by professional architecture and landscape photographers. It screws into an M39 lens board or a Copal 1 lens board and is also supplied with the locking ring for this purpose.
Seamless wide angle with movements in cameras like the Silvestri Flexicam X and Cambo Actus.
Product Code:
Silvestri Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm

Raw and Tiff images taken with a GFX 50mp on a Silvestri Flexicam X can be downloaded here:

More information:

Excellent colour rendering.
Excellent resolution.
Wide retrofocus space requested for extreme applications.
The small rear group size (23mm) allows large movements inside the bayonets of mirrorless cameras.
M39x1 screw connection or with a supplied flange for size 1 lensboards.
On Flexicam, possibility of mounting in a recessed position up to 85mm from the focal plane.

Compatible with

Silvestri Flexicam -  Cambo Actus - and 

Technical cameras with M39x1 thread ( leica style) ot Copal 1 flange M39 (locking ring included)


Flange Focal Distance 65.416mm ( Can be increased by use of Recessed lensboards on some cameras.)

Filter thread: 52mm

Weight : 200g

Image Circle: 75.6mm

Maximum sensor format: 42 mm x 54 mm

Aperture setting: manually

Aperture setting range: 5.6 to 22

Angle of view: 94 degrees