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HR Digaron SW f6.5 138mm FLOAT APERTURE STOP
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The NEW Rodenstock HR SW 138mm lens sets new standards in optical quality for digital photography. This is made possible by the floating element design meaning it also performs at its optimum at any working distance.Widest open aperture of f6.5 being its optimum aperture closely followed by f8 and f11.
Image Circle 110mm / Filter Thread 67mm / Weight 1.4 kg / Length 12.46 cms
For full Specification please see PDF attached.
For Special mounting information please see below.
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HR Digaron SW f6.5 138mm FLOAT APERTURE STOP

The 138mm HR SW is a large weighty lens as it is mounted into a Helical Focus Module as standard as this is an integral part of the lens focusing. The rear mount is 88mm diameter and a special mounting of this lens for different cameras is required.


For Linhof Cameras:

Linhof Technika Lens Board

Linhof M679 Lensboard                                               

For CAMBO Cameras

Cambo Actus Series 

for Cambo WRS -

the Lens is supplied mounted in WRS mount only 

For ALPA Cameras

The Lens is supplied mounted in ALPA 12 or FPS mount only