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HR Digital UV Super MC | 82mm to 95mm
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The HR Digital UV Blocking Filter, specially designed for digital photography, transmits visible light without hindrance while cutting out ultraviolet radiation. UV blocking filters cut out UV radiation and create images characterized by richness of detail and color fidelity. Especially in the high mountain regions and at the sea, the intensity of the UV radiation may be that strong that a UV blocking filter is needed. Its effect cannot be replaced by digital imaging software at a later date.
Product Code:
HR Digital UV Super MC | 82mm to 95mm

As this filter prevents the bluish cast and loss in contrast, its main application area is taking images of distance views.
Compared to the eye, the sensor is much more sensitive to UV radiation and therefore reproduces diffuse UV radiation as a bluish cast.

Rodenstock UV Blocking filters are characterized by the following features:

 The filter glass of 1.4 mm is specially thin and allows a smaller mount, which does not cause vignetting even with wide-angle lenses or zooms.
Due to its multi-layer coating with even more layers, there is very high light transmission and low reflection. Therefore double images and stray light can be avoided even better.
Below 420 nm the blocking of the UV radiation is especially steep. Therefore the UV radiation up to the border area to visible light is completely cut out, while short-wave blue light close to the UV range passes almost without hindrance. This improves color fidelity and allows to keep the filter as a front glass protection on the lens all the time.
An extra protection layer which is extremely scratch-proof, water-repellent and dirt-resistant makes the glass plate robuster. It does not have any influence on transmission, keeps the surface clean for a longer time and allows easy cleaning.
Due to its minimal heat extension even with heavy variations in temperature, the brass mount does not create any quality-reducing mechanical tensions in the filter glass. Furthermore, the danger of getting stuck in the filter thread of the lens is reduced by the high slide capacity of brass.

The HR Digital UV Blocking Filter is available with a slimline mount in sizes from 49 mm to 82 mm. It is fitted with a female thread at the front side and a male thread of the same size at the rear. So an additional filter or a lens hood can be fixed.