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Cambo 45REPRO-D
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The 45 REPRO-D is a camera system based on Cambos 4x5 cameras, but modified for best results with Archival and Reproduction Photography. Adapters available for Medium Format Digital Backs and Scanning Backs.
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Cambo 45REPRO-D
The Cambo 45 REpro D  features a 42cm Monorail
with a front and a rear standard, both standards are
without any swing and tilt options, to offer maximum
precision in parallel position of both.
On request, both standards can be fitted with lateral
shift option for added ease of positioning.
The camera has two individual monorail clamps to
allow for a sturdy and fixed outlined positioning, a
standard 40 cm long bellows and open interface options.
  • Monorail length:  42 cm   (by choice shorter possible)
   - extendible with optional extensions of 15, 25, 42 or 65 cm
  • Frame frontstandard: 4x5
   - accepting normal  4x5 (#0, #1 #3) lensplates
  • Frame rear standard: 4x5
   - accepting DPB-45, Sliding back or 4x5 ground glass back
  • Height  from Tripod Mount to Optical Center: approx. 180 mm
  • Weight  approx. 5 kg (excl. digital back)