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Used Linhof Technika Techno Recessed Lensboard. LB1 *SOLD*
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An early Style Linhof Recessed Lens board with Quick Release socket and Angled pin. To use the Quick Release socket the Linhof 41066 nipple is also required for the end of the cable release . See link below. If using a Digital Back or Flash - you will need in addition the Angled Flash Sync.
The current version of this 1015 Lens board does not have a rebate in the rear or a forward spacer in the front recess. However both new and old versions are a 12mm recess.
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Product Code:
Used Linhof Technika Techno Recessed Lensboard. LB1 *SOLD*

Recommended Shutter Accessories:

In order to use a cable release in the quick release socket (QRS),

a nipple needs to be screwed on the end of the cable release.

It will then click into place and fire the shutter.

Angled Cable Release & Sync Sockets

 Both essential when using lenses in a recessed lens board. 

Please note, if using flash or requiring the flash sync socket to trigger your digital back, you will also require an Angled Flash Sync Socket